Sarah Comes to Friday Harbor!

There’s no better excuse to explore than having a friend come to visit. My best friend of many years, Sarah, came all the way from Colorado to visit me in Friday Harbor. Of course, being in the San Juan Islands, we had to go sea kayaking. I took her on a day trip with Karrie, one of my favorite guides. Luckily it was a gorgeous, sunny day on the water. Along the way we spotted a harbor seal pup,some bald eagles, and purple sea stars. While at lunch, a pod of orcas passed by to the excitement of Sarah and our other guests.

The next day we wandered around downtown Friday Harbor, poking around all of the cool shops like Serendipity Book Store, Second Act Consignment Shop, and King’s Marine. Naturally, we checked out the Whale Museum and learned some awesome facts about the orcas that are so famous here.

Later on we headed over to Pelindaba Lavender Farm. The lavender was in full bloom and looked like Unfortunately, no woman can subsist on lavender shortbread cookies alone, so we decided to grab some seafood for dinner. We took a short trip on Roche Harbor Road to Westcott Bay Oyster Farms for fresh seafood provisions. a sea of purple spread out over the hillside. Sarah bought a package of lavender shortbread cookies that were Deeeee-licious. Yum!
This is the last season that the oyster farm will be here, so I was glad that we were able to experience some mollusk magic. A man that worked there gave Sarah and me each a free oyster on the half shell. It was expectedly slimy yet surprisingly scrumptious. We bought a half pound and cooked them up later that night. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

On Sarah’s last day here we went down to South Beach on the southwest side of San Juan Island and walked along the beach for awhile, enjoying the sun and the amazing view of the Olympic mountain range. Eventually it came time for her to leave on the ferry and begin her journey back to Colorado. Although I was sad that Sarah had to leave so soon, it had been a great chance for us to catch up, relax, and experience the grandeur of San Juan Island.

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