The question I get asked the most as the owner of Outdoor Odysseys?

More, even than, where are the whales? That’s easy. I always get asked, “what do I do the other months out of the year when I’m not managing Outdoor Odysseys?”

After my summer season of working seven days a week winds down, the fall and winter are definitely a time for me to slooow down and get reacquainted with my wife who is a nurse practitioner at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. I snuggle up with our cat Barney and go for romps with our dog, Celeste. I also love to read and cook. With our rainy, dark Northwest winters there is always plenty of time for that.

In terms of outdoor stuff I love to ski – both telly and skate ski. This winter I’m headed for Canada for a couple of trips as well as a high Sierra traverse in April. And of course, as a small business owner, there is always stuff to do over the winter. Marketing and staff hiring are my two primary considerations.

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