Jones Island Smoked Salmon Pesto Linguine

Another jewel in the Washington State Parks system, we frequent Jones Island on our 5-day “Eagles and Orcas” tours. Home of bald eagles and river otter as well as harbor seals and Dall’s porpoise, it boasts some of the most scenic campsites in the islands. It also has a species of prickly pear cactus – a true indication of the rain shadow effect of the islands. This entree is also a superb vegetarian meal – just omit the smoked salmon.

Linguine noodles (3 oz./person)
4 zukes
2 red or yellow peppers
(not green -we’re looking for color here, folks!)
2 onions
1 can kalamata Greek olives
1 1/2 lb. smoked salmon
dried basil
handful of fresh basil
2 handfuls of sun dried tomatoes
rice vinegar
8 oz. parm. cheese

Rehydrate tomatoes by soaking them in water. Slice the veggies. Boil up pasta water, (1/4 salt water and other 3/4 fresh water). In frying pan add olive oil, dried basil, garlic, onions. After onions soften, add sliced zukes. Wait for a bit then add peppers, rice vinegar, rehydrated tomatoes with their juice, olives, salmon and fresh basil. Cook but not overly so…You want the peppers to stay nice and crisp. Let your guests add their own parmesan cheese. Makes 12 servings.

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