End of August

It’s been a nearly perfect week here on San Juan Island, both off the water and on. The annual San Juan County Fair began on Wednesday, and Friday Harbor has been packed with visitors. The weather, which has been less than ideal for much of the summer, has finally turned nice.

The whales have been out in full force on the west side of San Juan Island—yesterday’s sea kayak tour saw a pod of nearly thirty whales around Lime Kiln State Park, and just this morning we got word that there was a pod of around sixty Orcas traveling north along the west coast. By the middle or end of September, the majority of the Orcas will be trickling out of this area, so perhaps they’re putting on one last show—a grand finale of sorts—before that time comes.

The one letdown amidst all the excitement was the departure of two of our employees, Rachel and West, one of our kayak guides, who left San Juan Island early Monday morning to return to school in Prescott, Arizona. It served as a somewhat startling reminder to all of us that the end of the summer and the end of our season here is not all that far away.

Still, early fall is a beautiful time on San Juan Island, and Outdoor Odysseys will continue to run sea kayaking tours throughout September and October. If you haven’t made it out to the San Juans yet this summer, you still have some time to visit!