What Do Your Guides do in the Winter?

It has been my good fortune to attract and retain an incredible cadre of professional guides. This year a number of them are going to graduate school. Aya Reiss is living in Vancouver, BC and, as the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship, is doing graduate work in stream ecology. Steve Lewis got engaged (about time, dude!) to another of our guides, Sarah Bergman. Steve and Sarah are both enrolled at the U of W where Steve is getting a Masters in environmental policy and Sara is in her second year of med. school.

Farther a field, David Thomlinson just got a job working as an architect in Portland as well as building his second guitar from the ground up. Dave McGraw wrote, edited and produced his first ‘killer’ CD “Northwest/ Southwest” and is living in Arizona working on reintroducing the California Condor back into the Grand Canyon. Kerry Heerman lives on a lake and got a job teaching middle school in the Bellingham School District. And of course, Peter Horne takes the cake for being the farthest a field for his research in the Antarctic dealing with penguins.

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