Southern Resident Orca Whales Listed as Endangered

southern resident orca pod in the san juan islandsHere are some things you can do to help the Southern Resident Orcas:

A good place to start is with their primary food source – which is salmon. Some studies have revealed that an orca can eat between 150-300 lbs. of salmon in one day! Without a healthy salmon population, the orcas’ future is threatened.

Be pro-active and support the following organizations:

Adopt-A-Stream Foundation
Seeks to ensure that Pacific Northwest streams continue to provide healthy habitat for wild salmon, steelhead, and trout while accommodating recreational and commercial use for our growing population. The Foundation trains citizens to become “streamkeepers”

The Northwest Stream Center
600-128th ST SE
Everett, WA. 98208
phone: 425-316-8592

People for Puget Sound
An effective, well organized grassroots effort that seeks to protect and restore Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. They work at the state level to influence legislative issues as well as doing “hands-on” work such as organizing work parties for habitat restoration.
People for Puget Sound
911 Western Ave. #580
Seattle, WA. 98104
phone: 206-382-7006

Here are some things YOU can do to help our Orcas and our Environment:

1. Save Electricity!

Turn off lights when they aren’t needed. Throw on an extra layer (sweatshirt or jacket) instead of turning up the heat or take off a layer rather than turning up the air conditioning. Hang your laundry to dry rather than using a dryer. Make sure computers are turned off or in sleep mode when not in use, and turn down your water hearer when on vacation.
2. Everything Drains to the Sea

Keep this in mind when you fertilize your lawn or change the oil in your car. Simply leaving he grass clippings on your lawn is a great fertilizer in itself! Take your motor oil to a facility that will recycle it, and then purchase re-refined (recycled) oil for your vehicle. It’s actually better for your vehicle than virgin oil! You can help to keep the air clean as well by using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Please see for more earth friendly tips!

3. Adopt a Whale!

The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor offers the symbolic adoption of local Orca whales. Cost is $30 per year and your money goes directly into research and protection of the Orcas. Benefits include official adoption certificate with ID photo of your Orca, Whale Museum membership for one year, discounts on merchandise, The Whale Museum Newsletter, a whale poster and a Whale Museum bumper sticker.
Visit the Whale Museum at: 62 First Street, Friday Harbor.
Hours: 9-5pm daily Phone: 360-378-4710

4. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Recycling paper not only saves energy and water, but it also reduces the number of trees logged. This helps keep salmon spawning areas clean of logging debris and prevents eroding soil from depositing into streambeds. Recycling glass and aluminum saves electricity, water and other resources as well!

You CAN save the Orcas! Every little bit helps. Thanks for your efforts!

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