Sunset in the San Juan Archipelago.

At Outdoor Odysseys, we pledge to do everything we can to be environmentally conscious and to “leave behind only footprints”. Our minimal impact, eco-friendly philosophy includes…

  • Self-grown produce – We are the only company that grows some of our own organic produce.
  • Support of on-island farming – When possible we purchase local San Juan grown produce ensuring the freshest ingredients possible and supporting on-island farmers.
  • Organic foods – When available, we buy “organic” ingredients over conventional.
  • Coffee – Our fair-trade, organic, shade-grown “Orca blend” coffee is a special treat for extra paddle pep in the morning. A portion of the cost of this custom blend is donated to the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor.
  • Composting – All our fruit and vegetable waste from trips is composted and then worked into our garden.
  • Low-impact transportation – We give bonuses to all employees that ride a bike, paddle or walk to work.
  • Leave no trace – We always try to leave a beach and our campsite cleaner than we found it.

Guide prep: picking our organic Rainier Cherries and salad greens.

In 2009 we completed construction of our new eco-friendly office and headquarters. Learn more about our “green” building project.

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