Minke Whales

Orca aren't the only whales found in the waters of the San Juan Islands. Northern minke whales also live in the inland coastal waters of Washington but can be shy of boat traffic.

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Orca Whale Quick Facts

The largest of all dolphins (the Delphidae family), the orca is also known as killer whale, blackfish and grampus. At birth an orca can weigh up to 395 lbs. The adult weight can range from 2.6 tons to 9 tons. Orcas can swim up to 34 mph (55 km/h). A

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About San Juan Island’s Orca Whales

Learn more about the habits and habitat of Orca whales. Orcas spend their lives in long-term social groups, called pods (group size: 3-25) These pods are stable family-related groups. Orcas display a high level of care for their offspring. The orca’s gestation period is thought to be 12-16 months, with

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Southern Resident Orca Whales Listed as Endangered

On Tuesday November 15, 2005, the federal government increased the level of protection for Puget Sound's Orca whales by listing them as an endangered species. The Orcas were previously listed as a threatened species.

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Southern Resident Orca Whale

Southern Resident Orca Whales

The Orca, also known as the “killer whale”, is the largest species of the oceanic dolphin family (Family Delphinidae). This toothed predator is one of the most widely distributed sea mammals on earth, and can be found in all of the world’s oceans. Fortunately, Outdoor Odysseys offers eco-friendly kayak tours

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When is the best time to see whales in the San Juan Islands?

The southern resident pods of Orca whales currently number over 80 individually identified whales in three separate pods. They are generally found in the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands between May and October when salmon, their primary prey, come from the ocean to spawn in either the Fraser River

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