Are restrooms available? And what about showers?

facilities while camping and kayaking in the san juan islandsAs mentioned before, there are outhouses at all established campsites we frequent on our overnight tours. We also make stops at various beaches enroute to our paddling destination for the night. Usually this means paddling from one and a half to two hours before taking a “pit stop.” However, because we generally paddle along the shoreline, arrangements can almost always be made for those times when you have several cups of AM Java and nature calls.

And since we’re on the topic of relieving oneself, you might ask “how does one, umm, you know, do that, on a kayak trip if there are no outhouses?” The best way is to use the intertidal zone near the ocean’s edge where it mixes with salt water. This minimizes impacts on wildlife above the high tide line (to say nothing of the smell).

And how about showers?

Unfortunately, there are no showers available at the campsites we use. On the positive side, if you’ve never kayaked before you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you do not get as dirty and sweaty as you would backpacking. Packing baby-wipes can be a great way to freshen up after a day on the water. There are also public showers located in Friday Harbor at the end of the trip.

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