Mission: “Outdoor Odysseys provides environmentally sound kayak outings with an emphasis on making each trip a safe, fun and rewarding learning experience for each participant.”

Outdoor Odysseys Sea Kayaking Guides

Outdoor Odyssey’s guides rendezvous in the off-season for a weekend of skiing, noshing and hangin’ out.

Naturalist/Guide Opportunities

We are currently seeking mature, (the average age of our guides is 30) personable, sea kayaking naturalist/guides for next season, which runs from June through September.

To maintain high trip standards, we seek qualified guides that are willing and able to make, at minimum, a two-year commitment. (On average our guides generally work for us from 2-6 years.)

Ideal candidates will have:

  1. A degree in the natural history disciplines ie. Biology, ornithology, etc.
  2. Strong sea kayaking and water oriented background and skills. Also, outdoor and camping expertise that come as second nature.
  3. Exceptional communication and people oriented skills.
  4. Organizational capabilities/interest in sustainability.
  5. An interest and flair in creating outstanding outdoor cuisine.
  6. Finally, infinite degrees of patience and a playful sense of humor.

Why Consider Working for Outdoor Odysseys?

Third year guide, Eli, on Stuart Island

Celebrating our 30th season,  we have been very successful in attracting smart, personable, ethical naturalists/guides. We have one of the best track records in the islands for attracting and retaining  quality guides. The average length of time guides work for us is typically three plus years.

Here is what we offer…

  • Health Coverage: You are insured through WA State Labor and Industry while on the job (not all companies offer L and I benefits.)
  • New “Green” Office/Shop: Our new facility was designed specifically to make our guides trip prep easier and more efficient. It features good lighting, dual kitchen sinks, large counter space for prepping and uses sustainable materials.
  • Free Use of Kayaks: We encourage you to use our boats and gear for paddling and exploring the islands on your days off.
  • Great ‘Pro deals:’ You get great deals on a wide range of industry products (i.e. Outdoor Research, Patagonia, Yakima, Marmot, etc.).
  • Wi-Fi Access: We offer wifi access for our guides making it easy to check e-mails and access the web during your off hours.
  • More Money from Guest Gratuities: Due to the high quality of our trips, including our extraordinary cuisine, you can generally expect higher tips than you would receive if you were working for another company.

Those are the tangible ‘bennies’ – Here are some of the intangibles…

Our new, green office shop in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

  • You get to live, work and play in arguably one of the more scenic areas of the United States – if not the world.
  • Guides have daily opportunities to paddle with and view whales and other phenomenal wildlife such as peregrine falcons – how cool is that!?
  • You have an opportunity to train, learn and grow with a company that has an excellent reputation in the industry – as well as contributing your own unique talents and knowledge to our programs.
  • Sustainability – we make every effort to “walk our talk” in terms of running a “green” company. Some examples: Leave no trace ethics, each staff member receives a small stipend every day you bicycle to work, we recycle, we are the only kayak company in the islands that is actively growing some of our own organic food for our trips, we compost – which then feeds our garden, which then helps grow more good food and the cycle continues…

Background on Outdoor Odysseys, Inc.

Outdoor Odysseys has been operating kayak tours since 1987. We have a well-deserved reputation as one of the oldest and most respected kayak tour operators in the islands. We have run cooperative tours with the Whale Museum, Seattle Aquarium, the Sierra Club, and Universities across the country. Our goal is to provide safe, fun and educational tours of the San Juan Archipelago.

To Apply: Please send an email (paddle@outdoorodysseys.com) to Tom Murphy, owner, expressing your interest in the position.

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