The safety of our guests is Outdoor Odysseys number one priority. In business since 1987, we have an impeccable safety record.

All of our guides are trained in Basic or Wilderness First Aid and have CPR training. Over half our guides for the 2006 season are certified as Wilderness First Responders – which entails over 60 hours of wilderness or backcountry oriented first aid training. Each guide carries an expedition level First Aid kit, flares, tow ropes and either VHF radios or cell phones for emergency use.

To ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable paddling trip in the San Juan Islands we use stable double kayaks which are wider than single kayaks. They are also more efficient than single kayaks because two people are working and paddling together.

If you have your own lifejacket (PFD), paddling jacket, or personal paddle you are welcome to bring it. We provide lifejackets, paddles, spray skirts, and dry bags for all participants joining our “Eagles and Orcas” Tours. Important gear that is often forgotten but is critical includes sunscreen, sunglasses, water for hydration and a rain jacket.

Sea kayaking is a sport that anyone who is in adequate physical condition can enjoy. Our paddling pace will vary depending on daily weather, tidal and current conditions. Most of the time a relaxed paddling cadence will suffice with an occasional need for strenuous paddling due to strong wind or current conditions. We average 7-10 miles a day with 12 miles being the maximum. This is a nice, easy pace that allows time for exploring and a leisurely lunch.

Aside from being great fun to paddle, kayaks provide excellent opportunities for learning more about our rich marine, cultural and natural environment. If you have a zest for living, respect for nature and spirit of adventure, come enjoy the outdoors with us.

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