Kaitlin Anderson

Kaitlin has been working with Outdoor Odysseys for nine years and she keeps coming back for more! Originally from Wisconsin, she went to college at the University of Utah is Salt Lake City. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Experiential Education and Outdoor and Adventure Programming in 2008. After graduation Kaitlin became a NOLS, National Outdoor Leadership School, certified sea-kayaking instructor.

In between kayaking seasons in the San Juan’s Kaitlin is back in school at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. She is pursuing a career as a teacher in Special Education and Elementary Education. In-between classes, you may see her up at Mt. Baker ski resort snowboarding with her husband Tony and their dog Buster.

“Thanks to Kaitlin for a great day on the water. She was so warm and friendly it helped the experience, immeasurably. She was very knowledgeable and we were lucky to have her as our guide. Kaitlin rocks!” – Guest on 3-Day Kayak Trip

The San Juan Islands are home to Kaitlin these days. Between kayaking, hiking, biking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding, the island is a wonderful community to live in. Sharing the islands with guests is a fulfilling experience Kaitlin has when guiding trips with Outdoor Odysseys.

Most amazing outdoor and or wildlife experience you’ve ever had?

“I was guiding a custom tour with two other Outdoor Odysseys guides. We had about 20 boy scouts on the water with us paddling along the west side of San Juan Island. We were on our way home and there are a few resident bald eagle nests along the shore. We were watching two eagles soaring around the cliffs. Then all of the sudden we witnessed a bond between the two eagles that doesn’t happen very often. The two eagles latched talons high in the sky and free fell down towards the ocean in a mating ritual. They broke away from each other just moments before hitting the water. It happened so fast and after witnessing the rare experience, we were all blown away!”

Most amazing whale sighting?

“It was a day two of a three-day trip. The group and I went for a hike in the morning and we decided to get on the water for a little exploration in the afternoon. We were out paddling around a small island called John’s island. We were kayaking past a shallow area with kelp all around us. The area is usually known for a harbor seal hall out, but today there were no seals. As we maneuvered through the kelp in our boats, there was a huge transient male orca that surface 15 feet away from us. His breath was startling and his size was unreal! Then three more transient orcas surface in the kelp bed that we were floating in. They were obviously feeding on the harbor seals below. There was even a seal that found shelter in between our kayaks. Every time the orcas surfaced, they were wrapped in kelp at feeding on seals. We were all speechless after that experience and none of us expected to see that!”

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