Jennifer Koenig

Jennifer sees the outdoors as an opportunity to better live physically and mentally, while creating a reciprocal relationship and appreciation of nature. She strives to create a truly unique outdoor experience based not solely on the obtainment of a goal, but rather the journey one finds along the way.

Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Jennifer’s first adventure out West was through family vacations following the Oregon Trail and Lewis and Clark Trail. This sparked her enthusiasm for the outdoors at a young age and she eventually made her way out to the San Francisco Bay Area. Here she spent ten years backpacking, sea kayaking, and hiking along the vast ocean sides and mountains in Big Sur, Tahoe, Point Reyes, Trinity Alps, Lost Coast, Channel Islands, and Yosemite, somehow managing to get a Masters in Nonprofit Administration along the way.

Jennifer received her training in Southeast Alaska through the International Wilderness Leadership School, training as an instructor in mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, backpacking, whitewater rafting, and her true love, sea kayaking. Alaska deepened her love for plant and animal life, foraging, and outdoor cooking. She is also a Wilderness First Responder and certified in ACA River Rescue. Yoga is an integral part of her daily life that she believes can be practiced in any environment, even on a kayaking expedition!

Most amazing outdoor and or wildlife experience you’ve ever had?

"While paddling in Alaska, we pulled over to a beach to camp and were watching humpback whales feed right in front of us. We noticed a porpoise stirring up a salmon near the whales and so did a bald eagle in a nest just above our camp. The bald eagle dove and stole the salmon from the porpoise, but lost grip of the salmon in its talons just feet from its nest. The salmon fell to the forest floor where the eagle could not retrieve it. We ran over and found the pink salmon, talon marks on its sides, flopping around on the forest  floor. We cleaned the salmon, steamed it in skunk cabbage from the riverbed and foraged the rest of our meal that night. Quite a feast!"

Most incredible whale sighting?

"Just after finishing lunch on Stuart Island on a sunny September day, we hopped back on the water and minutes later encountered the L pod. I had heard that a new orca calf had just been born and was excited to see what we might encounter. After most all of the pod swam by our kayaks, giving us quite a show, we saw eight or so fins pierce the water’s surface off in the distance. They were swimming so close to each other in a straight line, they appeared to be swimming on top of each other. As they approached our boats, we could see that in the center of the line of adult orcas was the newborn calf. They were protecting and supporting it as they swam along. It was incredible and humbling experience."

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