Free Morgan – You Can Help Release an Orca in Captivity

Free Morgan the Orca Whale

Free Morgan!

Winter is seemingly lingering into spring but somewhere in the haze of La Nina there were a couple weeks this winter where it almost felt like spring here in the Northwest and the lure of summertime paddling is finding it’s way back into our thoughts at Outdoor Odysseys. There are so many things to enjoy about kayaking in the San Juan Islands: the freedom of being under your own power, the beautiful summertime weather, the ease of access that gets you out there so soon after you’ve left your home, and of course all the wildlife you encounter along the way. The bald eagles, harbor seals, guillemots, falcons, minke whales, and orcas have drawn people to Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands for decades.
We have always been focused on responsibly viewing the great natural beauty that is all around us here in the Salish Sea while safely and comfortable traveling from island to island. And hope to generate awareness and compassion, of and for the marine life we encounter everyday.
It has come to our attention that last summer (June of 2010) a young Orca named Morgan inadvertently separated from her pod and was found lost and disoriented off the coast of the Netherlands. Morgan, despite her full rehabilitation has yet to be released from the small confines of her tank. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) has launched a campaign to advocate for the release of Morgan. We all can contribute to Morgan’s cause. The WDCS has created an electronic petition (click here) that can be read and then electronically signed if you feel moved to protest against Morgan being held in captivity.
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