Emma Bucke

When the days begin to grow longer and the air a little warmer, Emma gets excited to spend her summers extolling the virtues of all that the San Juans offer. After attending Green Mountain College, Emma found her way West and has been working in outdoor education throughout California sharing her passion for the natural world with students.

When not in the San Juans or teaching in California, she can be found moving vertically through the world in climbing meccas such as Joshua Tree, Yosemite and Thailand.

Though she loves her summers spent here in the  San Juan Islands, winters allow her freedom and mobility to chase snow and ice in “Lionel”, a cozy, wood-floored, Ford Econoline of her own design.

While being inherently an explorer and wanderer, the time she spends in the San Juans is a welcome deep breath of warm summer air, allowing Emma to share her love of the archipelago, cook amazing food, and simply enjoying down days on the porch with friends.

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