The primary food source for the Southern Resident orcas is salmon. In fact, approximately 80-90% of a Resident orca’s diet is composed of these fish. A National Marine Fisheries Service study in March 2010 found that orca whales consume a specific species, the Chinook salmon. Also known as King or

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harelequin duck

Birding in the San Juans

The rocky and tree lined shores of the San Juan Islands provide an excellent habitat for a wide variety of different bird species.

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bald eagle in tree

Bald Eagle Facts

The San Juan Islands host between 40 to 50 breeding pairs of bald eagles, one of the largest eagle nesting populations in the continental United States.

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San Juan Islands Wildlife and Marine Mammals

The inland waters of Washington are one of the richest marine environment in the world. It has been heralded as the second most amazing place to scuba dive in the world....second only because of the chilly 48 degree waters!

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orca whales in the san juan islands

When is the best time to see whales in the San Juan Islands?

The southern resident pods of Orca whales currently number over 80 individually identified whales in three separate pods. They are generally found in the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands between May and October when salmon, their primary prey, come from the ocean to spawn in either the Fraser River

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