orca whale breach off the west side of san juan islandThe San Juan Islands offer some of the best opportunities to see fascinating marine mammals and bird species in a beautiful environment with temperate weather.

From May through October, three pods of individually identified Orca whales roam the broad reaches of Haro Strait feeding on the migrating schools of salmon. Outdoor Odysseys sea kayak trips are designed to offer quiet, unobtrusive encounters with whales and other wildlife in their natural environment. Our trips may include a pre-dawn paddle to watch the sunrise or a special night paddle to watch the bioluminescence.

To increase your appreciation of the wildlife you will be encountering and enhance your kayaking experience, your naturalist guide will share his or her knowledge on a variety of topics throughout the trip. These informal sessions will focus on basic bird identification, marine mammal biology and behavior as well as basic kayak navigation, how to negotiate tides and currents, etc. We also practice responsible wilderness ethics.

Located in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, the San Juan Islands receive almost half the precipitation of Seattle making them a great paddling destination. During summer months expect moderate to warm daytime temperatures in the upper 60’s and 70’s with evening temperatures in the 50’s.

Factor in superb outdoor cuisine with our renowned Dutch oven cookery and spectacular sunsets from your waterfront camp and you’ve got the makings of a great summer vacation!

The “BEST” Time to Paddle in the San Juans
Safety and Paddling Considerations

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